Patio de la Torre

This patio, once also known as Patio de las Aceitunas, gets its name from the covered tower from the 17th century that, as a viewpoint over the surroundings, stands in the middle of this labyrinth of houses, so typical of Muslim heritage urbanism.

The roofs are kissed by the Ivy, bougainvillea and ficus benjamina that grow climbing the whitewashed walls from small flowerbeds, alternated with glazed ceramic pots with indoor plants.

On the well there is a robust white curb that invites you to peek inside to check its authenticity. “it is a passage well and it does not fail even in bad years”. Its good quality water was once used in the old cellar to wash the casks and jugs.

The ceramic mural transcribes eulogies dedicated to the house by Antonio Gala, whose manuscript is framed in the office’s dining room.

We can admire a very specific type of lantern, like those that illuminate the streets in the old town, that transforms the patio at night into a suggestive and welcoming corner.

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