Patio del Santo Dios

This Patio, whose name is taken from one of the inscriptions painted on its walls, stands out the most among all the Patios of popular roots that the house preserves. The inscription says «Holy God / Strong Holy / Immortal Saint / Deliver us Lord / of all evil ». This prayer was used to protect against storms.

The bright patio is a spacious rectangle lined with ivy. On the perimeter there are doors and windows that obey the reforms and extensions that the house has undergone over time.

Both the carpentry of the corridors and the gutters, flowerpots and the upper third of the lower gallery are covered in light cadmium blue, which has tempered the intense indigo colour or azulillo of other times.

The gallery is full of pots with interior plants and host rose bushes that climb the shafts, while a hundred pots with Gitanillas dot the whitewashed walls.

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