Dining Areas

Cámara del Santo

This chamber takes its name from a painting of a Nazareno painted in oil by José María García Benavides, Posada’s chronicler and Great uncle of the family Campos.

In this attic room we can find a small collection of cheerful multicoloured posters of the Feria of Cordoba and Romerias back in the 50s and 60s painted by Ricardo Anaya. There is one that stands out the most and presides over the room: Feria 1967, a beautiful face of a Mujer Cordobesa, with a carnation in between her lips, similar to Brigitte Bardot, an icon of the liberation of women at that time. This poster was made by Alvaro Gámez, from Sevilla.

The most interesting poster in the room is from 1934, it announces the Feria de Mayo of Córdoba in the middle of the Second Republic and is signed by Joaquín and Rafael Díaz- Jara, brothers born in Aracena. This poster, with an art deco aesthetic, features an elegant lady with a slender figure dressed in a tight Manila shawl, with large embroidered flowers and vermilion fringes that unfolds a fan.

We can also find in this room a cupboard with glass doors full of books and souvenirs on its shelves, upholstered in dried leaves, and the continuation of the selective library about Flamenco music and its figures found in Sala Flamenca.

Apart from the books, we can also admire in the glass cupboard some stainless steel jars used to serve wine, a venencia, a glazed ceramic rooster, some castanets and a little doll dressed as a Flamenca.

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