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El Pele

Juan Moreno Maya, “El Pele”, the best known and most awarded flamenco singer from Córdoba today, worked as a young man at the winery.

Bodegas Campos is extremely attached to Flamenco, reason why we could not fail to pay tribute to such an artist from our beloved Córdoba. As a teenager, he was already humming while braiding artisan bottle covers with us.

On the walls of the room there are photographs and memories given away by Manuel Moreno El Pele, which illustrate stages of his biography. In a sideboard we can admire both modernist and old items acquired from La Corredera dealers, such as copper braziers and other objects.

A press clipping framed in the room says that ``his voice and his sense of purity have given this flamenco singer a touch of genius that is more appreciated outside than inside the Córdoba that he feels and loves.``

Paco Campos gave him the stage name, and that is how he remembered it on the boot he signed.

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