Dining Areas

La Tomata

This room is dedicated to the bailaora Ana Carrillo La Tomata- who often attended the Flamenco sessions in this house- by the family Campos. It is an extension of El Pele. They can be either independent or communicated, according to the needs, with a wooden and glass Screen room divider with folding partitions.

On the walls are displayed some framed pictures of La Tomata. In the words of Ricardo Molina she was “a free force of nature, just like the sun, the sea, the wind, a whirlwind”.

At the back of the room, behind the bar, a dozen frames picture the flamenco party at Bodegas Campos when the film Los duendes de Andalucía was produced. This film was directed in 1964 by Ana Mariscal, where La Tomata reached moments of glory.

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