Dining Areas

Nave Las Canastas

The Nave de las Canastas takes its name from when it was dimly lit by bulbs hidden in cane baskets from wine decanters. The main aging warehouse of the old winery was situated here, where the soleras of the emblematic brands rested. To the astonishment of the visitor who look into the Nave today, the set of large bullfighting and fair posters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries upholster its walls. There are fifteen in total, all of them protected in boxes and frames dimly lit from the inside. The oldest poster announces the 1915 Feria de Mayo and is the work of the artist Manuel León Astruc from Zaragoza.

Various combinations of lights and spotlights make it possible to adapt the area to different uses, such as a dining room, a conference and audiovisual room and even wedding celebrations.

In all these years, flamenco parties have not stopped being celebrated here and they have permeated the walls of the best Flamenco singing, full of authenticity, joy and “duende”.

Through the arches you can go to three courtyards (La Hiedra- the Ivy, El pozo- the Well and Las Mujeres- the Women). There is only one blind arch that keeps the beautiful memory written to his friends by the poet, and Prince of Asturias de las Letras, Pablo García Baena.

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