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Sala La Flamenca

In Bodegas Campos we could not miss a room dedicated to Flamenco. The whitewashed walls have been silent witnesses of memorable flamenco nights that lasted until dawn, in which music, dance lit the flame and passion for Flamenco.

Agustín Gómez wrote about an evening at Bodegas Campos, “the place that one dreams of as a natural setting for flamenco and, thanks to its management, it preserves and brightens the manor, the elegance and the artistic pull that it always had, as a seal of the family”.

Numerous old or recent pictures of singers and, to a lesser extent, guitarists and dancers, cover the walls of the room, alternating with programs, diplomas, instruments and other evocative memories, without forgetting the cupboard that contains books, records and various relics.

Antonio, Mario Maya, Pepe Pinto, Niña de los Peines, Antonio Mairena, Lola Flores, Cristina Hoyos, Blanca del Rey and Paco de Lucía have passed by the house. We cannot forget Merengue, El Niño de la Corredera, El Pele, La Tomata or Vicente Amigo, who are close to our heart.

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