El Cocherón

This spacious living room, with a gabled roof with a sturdy wooden framework, recalls the barns and “cocherones” in the farmhouses, which after the mills are the largest buildings. Hence its name El Cocherón is presided over by three large bullfighting posters from the Bodegas Campos collection, signed by Julián Alcaraz, who is considered one of the best bull portrait painters ever.

The atmosphere of this room varies throughout the day. In the sunny hours, you can contemplate the panoramic view over the city, full of life, with all its landmarks; or the loneliness of the Countryside, the soft hills of changing colors according to the season and the crops. At this time of the day we hold lunch dates, work meetings and conferences, the space allows both uses comfortably.

At night the lights of Córdoba explode, accompanying the party atmosphere that is created here. It is time for the performances of musical groups, the dance and the drinks post celebration, until the early hours.

Technical Characteristics

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Technical Specifications

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