El Molino

All the dependencies of La Torre de la Barca open onto this covered gallery called El Mirador. The splendid views over Sierra Morena, the river Guadalquivir river and the city give it its name. In this porch there are two equal patios shaded by lemon trees, called San Acisclo and Santa Victoria, the patrons of the city. There are also two white fountains which owe their layout and tiles to the artist Tomás Egea, always present in the decoration and image of the House.

At each end of El Mirador we can read, in tile mosaics, two affectionate dedications to Torre de la Barca by friends of this House, the writer Antonio Gala and the poet Pablo García Baena.

In the outdoor celebrations, when the weather is pleasant, appetizers are usually served in this space as well as in La Era. Also on rainy days, the porch gets sheltered with transparent curtains that allow you to continue contemplating the view.

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