Dining areas and Private areas

Sala de las Bodegas

16 diners

This space is the tribute to all the fine wine aging wineries of Montilla and Moriles that have ever existed in the city of Córdoba. Many of them have already disappeared, but their memory will always remain with us in this gallery of confectioners with their emblems and original colors that adorn the room. The display cabinets, on both sides of the room, host more than one hundred bottles of its main brands, some already historical, spirits from Rute, books about wines, photographs and old fashion advertisements. Along with the wineries of the city of Córdoba we find some from Montilla and other towns in its region, which were included here due to family ties or friendship. The center table, which had to be manufactured here because of its size, has a capacity of 16 people, and its oval shape facilitates conversation between them. This room also hosts work meetings with audiovisual media, in addition to lunches and dinners.
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