Dining areas and Private areas

Sala El Despacho

Ten diners

This is an intimate living room for ten people. It was the office of the founder of this company, Domingo Campos del Santo, which later became a street wine office. It is located in front of the Tavern. Its paintings, decoration and memories evoke past times, like the bottles of the main wine brands that Bodegas Campos had, old pictures and diplomas or the display with the shape of a bunch of grapes that presides over the room. The basement of this room hosts two underground wells to store wine that are still preserved. The new wine of the year arrived from San Roque, el Lagar Montillano de los Campos winery which was racked from the “trujales” to the oak casks for aging. The colour of the walls contrasts with the ceiling if dark wooden beams supported by carved corbels, a detail of great refinement.
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