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El Amontillado

The best treasures of the Montilla- Moriles wineries

Published by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. This book has been produced by the Fundacion Bodegas Campos.

Thanks to the memories and personal experiences shared by a large group of collaborators, who are in love with the excellence of the wine of this land, we can easily relive the light in our endless blue sky and the vibrant colours of the gentle hills of the countryside.

It also contains historical aspects that show us how the golden thread of our wine passes through history and some of its most brilliant personalities, such as Seneca, Garcilaso , Sabina de Alvear and the Great Pablo Garcia Baena, whom at the LV Harvest Festival Montilla- Moriles 20 years ago, summarised with his delicate and deep wisdom, what this elixir means for him.

The presentation of this volume will take place in Cordoba, at Bodegas Campos, and in Madrid, once the Government Guidelines allow it. However, it is available to be purchased on the Ministry of Agriculture’s website, at the cost of 15 euros.


El Amontillado. Montilla- Moriles winery treasures.


The Foundation Bodegas Campos wishes to thank the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas Puchades, for his affection and interest with those who welcomed the project from the beginning. He actually the author of the prologue of the book.


Forever thankful to the authors collaborating to this piece. Without their generosity this project would not have been possible: Manuel María López Alexandre, José Ignacio Cubero Salmerón, Arturo Ramírez Laguna, Manuel Cobos Ruiz, José Antonio Ponferrada Gómez, José Antonio Ponferrada Cerezo, María Dolores Ramírez Ponferrada, José Rey García, Enrique Garrido Giménez , José Ignacio Santiago Hurtado, Carmen Giménez Alvear, José Luis Martínez Dalmau, Miguel Cruz Marqués, Rafael Jordano Salinas, Almudena Villegas Becerril, Adela Córdoba Ruz, Juan Luis Martínez Sánchez.

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