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Sala Los Ganaderos

30 diners

On the top floor of the winery we find the Hall of the Cattlemen, the main one of the house. An elongated room with high ceilings, presided over by two bull heads and decorated with a curious gallery of portraits. They are the wild cattle breeders that this city, and its province, has produced over the last two centuries. We see each portrait accompanied by the colored badge and the iron which identified the rancher’s herd; some with more than one iron, because they owned, simultaneously or in time, several herds. It is as if we were in the living room of the family home of a long dynasty of cattlemen of Cordoba. In the cupboard built into the wall, a nice group of naive figures in glazed and polychrome clay that represent bullfighters ready for the bullfight, and a score of lead figurines executing the different lots of the party, coming from the Maestraza de Caballeria de Sevilla. The show was inaugurated at the 1996 Fair Nuestra Señora de la Salud, an act of tribute attended by farmers and their descendants. Two years later, also at the winery, the book “Cattles of Cordoba from Reses Bravas. Catalog, 1795-1995”, by José Campos González, where all the livestock sagas were thanked for the information, photographs and documents that they had generously contributed to make both tributes possible. The Salón de los Ganaderos allows several assemblies, depending on the celebration to be held, the best being a continuous, “imperial” table, in which case we are talking about 30 people.
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