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The foundation Bodegas Campos was born coinciding with the centenary of the business beginnings with a clear objective: to promote and enhance the popular culture and traditions of Córdoba as well as participating amongst other cultural institutions to preserve the “soul” of Bodegas Campos.

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La Sacristía alberga las botas dedicadas por miembros de nuestra Familia Real y de otras casas reales europeas.


Culture and traditions

– Promoting popular culture, traditions from Andalucia and particularly from Cordoba; culinary culture and entrepreneurial culture.

Research, empowerment and cultural promotion

– Of the Andalusian Gastronomy, placing it where it rightfully belongs.


– Leading the Mediterranean diet concept and its link to the typical products and cuisine from the area of Andalucia; Being able to sponsor the reunion of the three classical cultures and therefore recognising the importance of their contribution to our gastronomy.

Active partnership

– Serving as a channel to support all the initiatives that pursue our goals.

– With different management boards, institutions, associations and both public and private bodies sharing similar objectives.

– It is vital to actively support educational campaigns and good food practices and habits, especially focused on children and young adults.


Such a rich and vibrant collection that continues to grow over the years.

From Bullfighting posters to our Feria and Romerias, both new and old fashion, decor the dinning areas at Bodegas Campos.


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